Friday, January 22, 2010

Something For The Weekend 17

Friday 22nd January 2010

I simply could not let another weekend slip by without mentioning the up and coming event that holds significance to all couples out there. Yes, I am talking about Valentines day. A time for lovers, a time for love, and a time for romance.

I am not usually one for sticking to tradition, so my product offering this week is a wonderful alternative to all of those predictable Valentines gifts. I'm not going to suggest you buy chocolates or a bunch of flowers but a fabulous weekend break for two. Of course you can opt for a romantic weekend, but if you are more adventurous why not try a fun murder mystery break or treat yourself and your partner to a weekend of luxurious pampering.

No matter what you are into,Fresh Weekends has the perfect weekend break for you and your loved one to enjoy. I think you will agree that this would be a rather special gift too.

Website Of The Week

As you are probably aware, the 12th January saw Haiti brought to the ground by a massive earthquake. While the aid effort is in full swing it is going to be a very long time until Haiti is anywhere near back on it's feet.

Officials are suggesting that a total of one million children are now orphaned, without homes, security, warmth clean water or food. Many aid agencies are out in Haiti doing the best they can,UNICEF being one.

UNICEF Time To Promise are dedicated to helping the cause of those Haiti children and others, but they do rely on your donations. That is why our Website Of The Week has to be an appeal to you on the behalf of UNICEF and the people of Haiti.

Please give generously.

Thank you.



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