Friday, September 18, 2009

Something For The Weekend!

Friday 18th September 2009

Product Of The Week

I have spent a number of hours scouring the Internet this week in search of a beauty product worthy of the title 'Product Of The Week', and I think this face and body balm is a must.

This delicious Temple Spa Calming Face And Body Balm is the perfect pamper treatment, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and deeply moisturised.

With natural plant extracts and anti oxidants, this sophisticated aromatherapy cream will leave you feeling relaxed and calm at the end of your busy day.

A non sexist cream (suitable for men and women), and all skin types. This is one essential treat that you should not be without, and priced at just 14.68 (best price), it is a true bargain.

You can read more about this lotion by clicking any of the links, or the product photograph.

Website Of The Week.

Not only have I managed to find you a bargain must have product this week, but also a must visit website.

If you have time over the weekend pay a visit to . Yes 'heart age'!

Unilever, the people who brought us Flora butter, have devised a great little system to determine the age of your heart. All you have to do is click the link above, float over the 'Know your heart' button and select 'Heart age calculator'.

By asking you a few simple questions, such as age, height, weight etc, this nifty little calculator gives you your heart age dependant on the answers you have given.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on in the comment boxes below.

My reading was 32, which is fine because I am 31 and a half years of age at the moment...

My poor dear husband got a reading of 51, and he's only 35!

Anyway, that's me signing off for the week. Enjoy your weekend, see you back here on Monday.


Andy Farmer said...

The flora heart age thing is great.

I came out with a 30, but I'm 24. I need to quit smoking.

Mel said...

I got it spot on!

I'm 32 and got a heart age score of 32. I think I will treat myself to a biscuit now.


Fay on 21 September 2009 at 19:36 said...

@ Andy Farmer. Yes you do need to quit smoking! Keep up to date with the blog as we will be looking into all the different ways to quit.

@ Mel You made me laugh! Well done with the heart age test, but ake sure you only have the one biscuit!

Thank you both for stopping by and leaving your comments.


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