Friday, February 05, 2010

Something For The Weekend 19

Friday 5th February 2010

Looking at the photograph here you have probably assumed that we are still sticking to the Valentines theme for today, and my fellow readers, you assume correctly.

Today we are going to stick to real Valentine tradition and I have found this brilliant gift set with a 10% discount that you could send to your loved one on the 14th February.

You don't actually have to be in a relationship to tell someone that you love and appreciate them. A gift set like this would be ideal to send to your mother, grandma, friends or other relatives, so let the people you care about in your life know that you are thinking of them. The company who supply these gift sets are International, so even if the people you care about are in another part of the world, you can still make them feel special on Valentines day. To get prices for this product, in your own currency click here.

Website Of The Week

I am sure you all know what a great workout you are supposed to get from pole dancing, so why not get your very own pole to dance around at home? Well the Electra-Pole (endorsed by Carmen Electra) has been designed and tested to remain completely stable under the most extreme pressure, so you can dance, spin and flip to your hearts content. Right now there is a 25% discount on the pole, but even if you don't want to buy one, check out because there are some great videos on their to show you how to use one.

Well that's all from me.

Have a great weekend, whatever your plans are and I will see you here again on Monday.



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