Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Eat More Curry...It's Good For You

Wednesday 3rd march 2010

Once hailed as Britain's most popular dish, the curry is much more than a tasty tea time treat. While curry or curry powder is a concoction of a few different spices, one main spiced used in curry is indeed turmeric. This spice is a member of the ginger family and this is what gives the curry dishes that yellowish colour.

Curry is thought to be healthy for a number of reasons, but here are the top two:

1 . Lab tests have proven that turmeric does a great deal to reduce inflammation in the joints which will help people who have arthritis.

2 . Curry can also prevent cancer. Many studies have found that there is a viable link between eating curry and lower incidences of cancer. Again, it is thought that turmeric is responsible for preventing this disease. Containing an active compound, turmeric has been shown to reduce and even prevent the progression of certain types of cancer such as breast cancer,melanoma and prostate cancer.

As well as the benefits above, curry can also help you lose weight. It turns out that the spices used in curry help to speed up your metabolism, but that is only if you keep away from the creamy curries like Korma and eat a more tomato and spice based curry such as a Tikka Masala dish.

So, if you are a mad hungry curry lover you have no need to feel guilty about it anymore because the curry can be a great addition to any balanced, healthy diet.

What I want to know is how hot you can handle your curry? Do you like it mildly spiced, or are you in love with a vindaloo. Let me know!

See you again tomorrow.



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