Friday, March 05, 2010

Something For The Weekend 23

Friday 5th March 2010

Okay, you've seen the adverts on television promoting this particular product, and if you are anything like me you probably think 'yeah right' because Bio-Oil does sound like one of those beauty miracles that's just too good to be true. Well I can verify that this product is a miracle and it does do exactly what it says on the tin...well in the bottle!

Bio-Oil really is specialist skin care for scars (old and new), stretch marks (new and existing), uneven skin tone (pigmentation and blemishes), ageing skin (both face and body) and replenishes dehydrated skin.

You can also use Bio-Oil in your daily skincare routine; as an intensive moisturiser, soothing after sun treatment or as a bath oil. As little as two drops is enough to cover the whole face and neck area adequately.

I need to stress that Bio-Oil is not an overnight solution, but it does require daily use over a prolonged period of time to produce the best results. It definitely scores a ten out of ten from me.

Website Of The Week


Now, this website is not a health and beauty thing, but it is a way for you to meet new people, chat, share your opinions and get paid for doing it. Lets face it, we all need a bit of extra cash don't we, so why not network, have fun online and earn money while doing it?

Please be aware that you are not going to make a fortune, just some pocket money. You will need a paypal account, but other than that there is nothing stopping you. You will find me on the site too under the pseudonym of Beautyfactor, so if you do sign up don't forget to add me as a friend!

All you have to do is visit this link, make sure you understand all the rules and have fun!

Hope you all enjoy your weekends and I will see you back here again on Monday for more talk on contraception.



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