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Make Up Tips For The Eyes

Wednesday 21st April 2008

If you've got a big event coming up, you're probably stressing over preparatory details. One of the biggest factors of a big event is the outfit. What you wear says a lot about you, and no doubt you'd like to make a good impression and present yourself at your best. Questions like what shoes to wear, how and where to find the right dress, and what accessories to pair with your outfit can cause a little stress before the big event. Just as important as the outfit is the make-up, especially the eyes.

When applying make-up to your eyes, there are a few steps to follow that can really enhance your look. If your eyes are deep set into your face, pale shades with some shimmer can really make them pop. Start at the inner corner of the eye and sweep across the lid to the just beyond the outer corner. Wide set eyes can benefit from a deep shadow shade in the inner corner to the mid-lid, and a lighter shade from mid to outer. Close-set eyes can appear wider by doing the opposite: lighter from inner-lid to mid, darker from mid to outer. People with glasses often have a difficult time making their eyes stand out, so well shaped brows and lots of black mascara can help. When applying mascara, use less on lower lashes and more on upper lashes.

Also, once you've applied to all lashes, add another coat to the outer edges of the top lashes. This will make them look even longer. Soon you'll be ready to knock 'em dead at the big event.

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