Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Baby Food Diet

Wednesday 19th May 2010

With the warmer weather fast approaching, the stars of stage and screen are looking at new and bizarre ways to lose weight, but would you ever consider trying the baby food diet?

Reece Witherspoon and Marcia Cross have allegedly tried this new celebrity fad diet which entails consuming 14 jars of baby food throughout the day, to replace breakfast and lunch, and eating a normal dinner in the evening.

The advantages of this diet is the low calorie intake. Some baby food jars contain as little as fourteen calories each, are vitamin packed, and are free from additives. But a closer inspection of the diet reveals that such a low intake of calories is not healthy for the average adult. Besides, baby jar foods are bland, mushy and rather awful to eat, so why would you want to eat them in the first place?

Many nutritionists have slammed the new celebrity diet as outrageous and unhealthy for any adult to undertake. The cornerstone of any weight loss plan is to gain a sense of satisfaction from the foods you are eating and to get a sensation of feeling full after every meal. The key to losing weight is balance and eating the right foods, something that this diet cannot offer.

To put yourself through this diet and opting for puréed foods will not work if your goal is to lose weight. Nobody is going to be able to sustain themselves for a long period of time on baby food.

What is the craziest fad diet you have tried? Let us know in the comments box.

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