Thursday, May 20, 2010

Killer Heels Reach A New High.

Thursday 20th May 2010

Killer heels have certainly reached a new high if this photograph is anything to go by. Shoe's that were reserved for the likes of strippers and dominatrices are now the latest trend to spiral it's way into the high street.

It is now the in style for any self respecting red carpet A' Lister to step out in heels as high as six, or even seven inches.

Thanks to this burst in popularity we have seen many runway models falling hopelessly as they try with all of their skinny might to keep upright, and why we all try to suppress our sneers and disbelief we now know why the killer heel got it's rather apt nickname.

The killer heel record was previously held by the late Alexander McQueen and his ten inch armadillo heel, however Romanian designer Mihai Albu has gone two inched further with his 12 inch stiletto.

I remember the days when a high heel was set at about 3 - 4 inches, and even that was too much for my feet to deal with. So one has to wonder where the killer heel will stop. In the next three years will women be forced to walk with stilts in the name of fashion? Personally I hope to see celebrities wearing sensible flats and flip flops for the summer season, how satisfying would that be...


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