Tuesday, November 03, 2009

7 Winter Skin Care Tips

Tuesday 3rd November 2009

Good morning! This week we welcome back Lorynne from Caribbean Tan as our guest blogger. Here we have a fantastic post with seven tips on how to avoid dry winter skin.

As winter looms ahead, we brace our minds, bodies and souls for the harsh, frosty cold.

Our wardrobe morphs from skimpy, bare-it-all summer attire to the layers and layers of thermal wear that winter requires.

Salads and mocha frappes are replaced with hearty, traditional stews and filling, creamy, hot food. The fans are packed away, the fireplace is stacked with wood,the radiators turned on for good.


While we concentrate on warming ourselves, most of us forget that our skin regime needs just as much attention. Just as our clothes and diet change from season to season so should our skin care. Winter can be exceptionally cruel to our skin; the constant changes between warm and cold air both lacking in humidity can cause our skin to lose moisture and become dry and chapped, left vulnerable to infection.

Whilst there are creams and lotions available that can help return the moisture to our skin, dermatologists recommend the following to prevent your skin losing its moisture in the first place.

1. Keep well hydrated. Whilst it is common belief that we should drink 2L of water a day, there are certain factors that need to be taken into account to calculate your personal water consumption such as altitude, physical activity, weight, and health. Try this Hydration Calculator. To maintain great hydration limit your intake of caffeine, alcohol and especially limit smoking.

2. Use sun block. It is becoming common knowledge that the sun can be just as severe, and at times even more so, in Winter as in Summer. Good UV protection is recommended all year round.

3. Use quality lip balms and lip moisturisers at least 3 times per day to lock moisture into soft, vulnerable lips.

4. Creams and lotions containing petrolatum, mineral oil, linoleic acid, ceramides, dimethicone or glycerin will help fight off dry, patchy skin.

5. Hands can take a bit of a beating in Winter and hangnails can be very painful. Remember to use moisturiser after every wash. A great tip for keeping your cuticles well moisturised is using manicure gloves when you sleep; cover cuticles in Vaseline, place hands in manicure gloves, and remove in the morning. Works well for feet too, with pedicure covers.

6. Avoid hot showers and baths. Rather use lukewarm water. Pat yourself dry instead of rubbing and moisturise within three minutes.

7. Eyes can be particularly sensitive to dry, warm air. Keep your eyes clear and moist with moisture drops.



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