Monday, November 09, 2009

Top Excuses Not To Get Healthy

Monday 9th November 2009

If you have still not managed to get yourself into a regular workout routine, then you probably have a line of excuses, all ready and prepared, that are stopping you from getting up, out, and moving.

Even thought we are all fully aware of how good for us exercise is, we still find excuses to not do any. Here I have compiled a list of common excuses, some that I have used myself, and how we can overcome them.

I Don't Have The Time

This is the most common reason that people give (even me) for not being able to exercise.

In this instance, what you need to do is prioritise; Which is more important - Your health or the television programme that you want to watch? Would having thirty minutes less sleep really harm you if you were exercising during that time? I think not.

Exercise Is Boring

And yes, it can be, if you haven't found an exercise that you enjoy.

Exercise can be anything from cycling and jogging to dancing and yoga. You could join a dance class, get together with a friend and join a gym.

If you would rather, try joining in with a local team sport, be it football, basketball or whatever else takes your fancy.

I'm Not Fit Enough And I Don't Have The Energy

And this is exactly why you need to be exercising. You are not fit enough and you are tired, which means you are not at your healthiest.

I'm not suggesting that you should be able to go out and run for an hour, but if you do have very low fitness levels, just take it slowly and you will soon see you fitness levels increasing. As your fitness levels increase so will your energy levels.

I'm Too Old To Be Doing That Now

This is just too crazy to believe. You are never ever too old to start exercising, even if you have never exercised before, there is nothing stopping you from getting up right now and doing something positive for yourself.

The more adamant arm chair advocate will probably say that these points are perfectly good reasons for not getting fit. Well, the truth is that they are not 'reasons' but pure excuses. The only person that is stopping you from achieving the healthy lifestyle that you deserve is you. So stop with the excuses and start moving!

See you again tomorrow!



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