Wednesday, October 07, 2009

5 Home Made Face Masks To Revive Winter Skin.

Wednesday 7th October 2009

The winter is fast approaching, and as the climate changes, so does our skin.

Colder weather can have a real damaging and drying effect on our skin, particularly on the more exposed areas such as the hands and face.

I have managed to put together these top face masks that you can make at home, right now.

1. Avocado Mask.
Mash a whole avocado roughly with a fork and add a dash of olive oil. Apply the mixture
evenly over your skin and leave for around ten minutes. This will supply your face with some
essential vitamins and minerals to help fight that winter dryness.

2. Natural Yogurt
If you are looking to revive tired skin, then grab a tub of natural yogurt from the refrigerator
and apply a little to your face. Pay particular attention to avoiding the delicate eye area with
this one! Relax for fifteen minutes and rinse well with tepid water.

3. Banana Mask
Perfect for those of us who have combination skin, this banana mask is good enough to eat.
Mix a little mashed banana with some fresh cream and apply to your face. Leave it to set for
thirty minutes. This mask is excellent for smoothing, softening and moisturising the skin,
adding that much needed nourishment for cold, harsh days.

4. Lemon Apple Mask
Oily skin would seriously benefit from this simple concoction. Just put 1 teaspoon of apple juice
and half a teaspoon of lemon juice into a bowl and stir well. Rub the mixture onto your face and
rinse off after twenty minutes.

5. Egg and Honey Mask
A fantastic winter face mask for oily skin, to vastly improve your complexion. Simply beat
one egg and add enough honey to make a paste. Apply this paste evenly over the face and
leave for just ten minutes. Rinse well and pat your face dry.

There are so many wonderful ingredients in our cupboards that we can use for more than just dinner.

Try these wonderful face masks for yourself, or if you have a recipe of your own please feel free to share it with us.

See you again tomorrow!



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