Monday, October 05, 2009

How To De-Stress Yourself

Monday 6th October 2009

Following last weeks blog post - 5 Signs That You Are Stressed we received a comment from Passionate Blogger who was looking for some help in trying to reduce his stress levels. So I have put together the following to try and help you effectively relieve your stress at home, without any medication. I hope it helps.

When it comes to stress, us humans are our own worst enemy, pre programmed with negative thinking, we can make our stresses an even bigger deal than they actually are.

The simplest ways to keep stress at bay is to exercise, eat a healthy diet, and get regular sleep. This basic strategy is good for the long term, but we need to find something that is going to help right now.

Let us start by doing what the actors do; the silent scream. Your situation may be making you feel like you want to scream, so do it, but silently. Open your mouth wide and force out the air for a few seconds. Feel better now?

Practising deep breathing can be a great stress relief method. You can do it sitting at your desk, laying in bed, or sitting in the park. Just take a little time out, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Take in a slow deep breath through your nose. Let the air you inhale fill your stomach, feel it expand, and slowly exhale through your mouth.

Think flamingo! Yes it may sound bizarre but standing on one leg (like a flamingo) for a few minutes is like meditation. According to Nirmala Heriza author of Dr. Yoga your brain will be focusing on balancing, and relaxes.

Shake the stress away. Your body will store stress and become tense, so literally shake your body to help it relax. It could even be fun!

Get organised. Mess can cause an immense amount of stress, so take some time out to get yourself in order. Throw away the things that you really don't need, tidy your workspace and write lists. Many people find that they cannot sleep if they are stressed and are too busy thinking about what they need to be doing tomorrow, My advice would be to write lists. Before you go to bed at night, write a list of all the things you need to do the following day, this eliminates the need for you to remember everything.

Look for a distraction. If you are stressed about work take a break, but do something with the time you take out. It's no good sitting down and brooding over your situation. Put it to one side, read a book, a magazine or take a walk. Anything to re focus your mind.

Make an effort to laugh more. Poke fun at your situation, watch something funny on TV or hunt down some clips of your favorite comedian on YouTube.

Music can also be a great help. It has been clinically proven that listening to Motzart can relieve stress.

Get some perspective. Be thankful for what you do have rather than what you do not. Remember there is always someone out there worse off than yourself.

Change your attitude and think positively. What you say to yourself has a huge impact on your life. Use the power of positive words to boost your self confidence and live the life you want to live.

Make time for you. Do something that you like to do, or try a new hobby. If you like soaking in a hot bubbly bath then do it. If you like to go fishing, then go out and do it.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they can act as depressants and can make every stressful situation seem a lot worse.

Having suffered from stress and anxiety attacks myself, I know how a small problems can sometimes be blown out of all proportion. I have gotten back my perspective on life using some of the methods above. Sometimes you just have to remember that life is too short, so stop being so hard on yourself, make some positive changes and take control.

See you tomorrow with our very first guest blogger appearance!



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