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The Harsh Truth About Sunbeds

Tuesday 6th October 2009.

I know we don't normally post on a Tuesday, but as from today, we are opening Tuesdays up for guest bloggers who wish to participate in the blog.

Our first guest blogger is Lorynne Heynes from caribbeantan.co.uk

Take it away Lorynne!

The latest scientific findings revealed that using a sun bed is just as likely to cause cancer as smoking.

For some of us this is a harsh pill to swallow, and it's easier to turn an oblivious eye to the facts.

The reality is though, this is an easy habit to give up and we have a vast array of alternatives to give our skin a healthy glow. If you're finding you need further motivation to pull yourself away from the deadly UV rays of the sun bed then read on:

The facts - sun beds:

For those of us who started using sunbeds regularly before the age of 30 -the risk of Melanoma - the most deadly form of skin cancer - goes up 75%.

UV rays from sun beds can be up to 10-15 times higher than that of the midday sun.

Short periods of intense, irregular exposure to UV rays, as happens on a sun bed, is the fastest way to damage your skin: causing cancer premature ageing and eye problems.

Using sunscreen or limiting your time on a sun bed will not protect your skin from damage and ageing.

Failing to use eye protection on a sun bed can lead to eye irritation or conjunctivitis, and even eye cancer.

Facts on Melanoma

Melanoma is more common in women, particularly young women.

In the UK it is the most common cancer in people aged 15–34.

Half of melanomas start as a dark area on normal skin or as an abnormal new mole. The other half develop from a mole or freckle that you already have.

Melanoma can be hard to spot but can usually be cured if it’s found at an early stage.

For more information:

Protecting children from the sun: http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/health/255960/Sun-care-tips-for-protecting-children
Infomation on Melanoma: http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/health/127532/Melanoma
Checking your moles: http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/health/255083/Skin-cancer-awareness--keep-your-moles-safe

Thanks to our guest blogger Lorynne Heynes, from www.caribbeantan.co.uk for this informative article.

See you tomorrow.



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