Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Negative Impact Of Soy On Estrogen Production

Tuesday 13th October 2009

In the last few years, soy has become a very popular food additive / alternative. There have been some questionable marketing ploys that range from misleading to outright lies.

We all know that high levels of estrogen in your system increases the storage of body fat as well as increases the subcutaneous water retention, so the soy you are eating to lose fat is actually making you fatter!

The soy isoflavone genistein and daidzein are similar to 17-beta estradiols and are weak estrogens.

Although these isoflavones are weak estrogens, people who eat a lot of it can have their blood level of isoflavones as much as 10,000 times greater than those who do not consume soy.

Over time, high concentrations of isoflavones in the body can have a signinficant cumulative estrogenic and toxic effect especially when they are exposed to organs that have sensitive estrogen receptors such as the breast, uterus, and thyroid.

Consuming too much soy can not only cause adverse fat storage and additional water retention making you look fat, but also causes decreased thyroid production.

Here is another article written by an MD that also talks about the negative effects of soy.

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Written By guest blogger Curtis McCoy, President befit4free.com and befit4free.net



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